This is the resource page for the new Byakhee version that is currently under development. It is not the page for Byakhee 3.0. Currently the next version is only in planning, if you'd like to become involved contact us using the Sourceforge Project Site.

Nothing much has been happening for a long time. Currently we are working on the character form and then later seperating the system from Firefox. I've moved on to XForms as the basis of the forms. The Mozilla team are currently working hard on being able to render the form. Progress on there side can be found Mozilla XForms Project. While I was messing around with it I thought I'd have a go at generating the telegram. Though the project is far from complete I thought I'd give you a preview. I'd like to note (before you get click happy) that at the time of writing the current version of Mozilla XForms (0.1) doesn't render the item properly in print view and though the saving works locally it doesn't save if you attempt to press the save button on the server. With that in mind, if you have the Mozilla XForms viewer then take a look. If you don't then I've provided a screen grab

As also previously noted this is just a really simple form with some CSS layout. The character sheet is a lot more complex and requires a few more of the XForms dependances. It might be a while coming yet, and that's only the start.

At the moment there are reviews of the data format to use and an example character using that format. You can view the current character example (a browser with good CSS level 2 support is recommended):

Still need some polishing. And still to be developed on the data front are formats for storing items, spells etc (should be quite easy bar representing modifiers or stats to print, such as weapon details) and character list (which will be easy, just a manifest with references to the character sheets).